Rebuilding After Disaster

Life is fragile. In a moment everything you have built can come crashing down, leaving you to start over on a canvas of uncertainty. For many living in Mexico, the rainy season can leave puddles of grief and disaster.

For Luis and Laura, a couple in their 30's, a swollen stream rerouted its way through their home, destroying beds, mattresses, food, clothing, and sweeping away their car. Even as the river subsided, Luis and Laura were left to figure out how to rebuild their home with limited resources, a newfound mosquito infestation which threatened their health, and hungry mouths to feed. Not only do Luis and Laura have three children, but one of their children is mentally handicapped, which constricts Laura’s ability to work outside the home. Additionally, the couple cares for their grandmother, a cousin, and two young children in the adjoining house next door. Although Luis works as a bricklayer, work is sporadic, especially when the ground is so soft from the rains.

Fortunately, local churches and charities keep special watch on families like Luis and Laura’s. Genesis Fair Trade has helped fund these organizations so that they can continue to deliver food and supplies to families who are experiencing adversity, while helping the parents find stable work.