Food that Fuels

Twenty-four percent of the world’s population is gripped with paralyzing concern over how to feed their families. Maria is one of that twenty-four percent. As a single mother, she works tirelessly cleaning houses, making about $7 each day. Think about it…that’s how much many of us spend at Starbucks every morning. This hardworking mother makes less than a dollar an hour. Many of us don’t even want to fathom the strain that would put on a person, knowing your children were counting on you and you alone. Maria’s husband was removed by local officials for abuse and is serving time in prison. Without the security of a dual income, Maria must work day after day to support her children. However, many of her employers take advantage of her situation, paying her less-than-fair wages for backbreaking work.

Teaming up with a local church that supplies breakfast to 50 to 60 children from impoverished families, we were able to supply Maria and her family with cleaning materials, toilet paper, shampoo, laundry detergent, clothing, and a cupboard full of fresh food and groceries. We even got to buy special vitamin-fortified milk that lasts for 5 months to ensure her children are growing strong and healthy.

With tears in her eyes from relief and happiness, Maria exclaimed that they had never had so much food in the house! The local pastor is continuing to serve breakfast six days a week to those in need, while helping their parents find continued employment.

We are all positioned to help someone in need, whether you work at a church, run a charity, or not. Who could you lend a helping hand to this week?