The Sacred Valley Project: Female Indigenous Leaders

As financial supporters of The Sacred Valley Project in Peru, we have the privilege of receiving updates on the students and school dormitories we sponsor. Which means we will keep you updated as well!

In case you didn’t know, The Sacred Valley Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the erection of school dormitories for female students living in the Andes Mountains. Due to treacherous terrain, it can take students up to seven hours just to walk to school, making it impractical and dangerous to continue secondary education. While male students are often permitted to move to the city and attend school while living in provided dormitories, the same luxury has not been extended to many female students. Until now.


In 2015, we threw our support behind The Sacred Valley Project. Last year, 22 students who wouldn’t have been able to attend school without these dormitories, were able to stay committed to their education. A completed education allows these students to provide for their families, apply for qualified work, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty many have known for their whole lives. We are looking forward to keeping you updated with The Sacred Valley Project and bringing you more stories from these amazing young women.