Today is World Refugee Day

The Amor Project helps refugees near and far

Imagine being forced to leave your home in order to escape persecution, war or violence. Taking with you only what you can carry or perhaps just the clothes on your back, knowing you can never return. Uprooted from everything familiar, you have no place to call home and may even be separated from the rest of your family. Food and water are scarce, and the weather is a constant threat.  Disease, trauma, violence and loss are always close at hand as you find yourself in situations not suitable for a human being. This is the life of a refugee.


Every day, thousands of people across the globe become refugees. A refugee is a displaced and stateless person, forced to flee his or her country for a variety of reasons in order to gain safety and security. In search of a better life, refugees travel on foot for many miles to reach a new destination where they can safely provide for their family.  


On June 20th, people everywhere will pause to recognize the world’s 68.5 million refugees during World Refugee Day. Celebrated worldwide since 2001, this annual event is run by the United Nations Refugee Agency. It’s a special day to honor refugees and raise global awareness about their continued plight, while commemorating their strength, courage and perseverance.


In response to the huge migration issue, Genesis Fair Trade and Border Angels created the Amor Project to specifically improve the lives of refugees and migrants. Just like the name implies, the Amor Project is all about love. Our mission is to provide immediate help to migrants and refugees at the United States-Mexico border in the form of basic necessities like water, food and clothing. In addition, we believe that every person deserves the opportunity to earn a decent living, no matter where he or she lives. That is why the Amor Project also supports groups focused on education and job training/placement.  We welcome people of all faiths and political viewpoints to join us in this mission.


The Amor Project has refugees’ best interests at heart. We are focused on helping those currently displaced, working with groups like Border Angels, who aid refugees at the border and work diligently to provide caravan migrants with better living standards. We also work with organizations such as Women of Hope, Amextra, and Limitless Horizons Ixil, who are empowering indigenous people in Mexico and Central America – places where many refugees come from – with the academic and professional skills necessary to support their families and produce positive change in their lives and communities. All proceeds from the Amor Project go to support the life-saving work of these four nonprofits and others like them.   


One way you can make a difference is by purchasing and wearing the Amor bracelet. Lovingly handmade by Mayan artisans in Guatemala through Women of Hope, this beautiful bracelet is a symbol of hope to those most in need. By helping as many people as possible, it is our hope that we can eventually end the need for migration as it relates to those leaving their homeland in search of work and better life opportunities.

Rooted in love, the Amor Project is providing crucial help for refugees and working to break the cycle of migration. As part of this year’s World Refugee Day, please help us spread the love this world so desperately needs. After all, a little love goes a long way.


The Amor project products will be available for purchase soon, please stay tuned.