Colombian artisans are known for creating expertly woven and crocheted products, employing generational techniques that have been passed down from mother to daughter through centuries.

Columbia Artisans


For the past three decades, Guatemalan handicrafts have enticed buyers worldwide. These artisans are known for their use of traditional back-strap weaving techniques which are used to create beautiful scarves, bags, linens, and other textiles.


Complete with bold patterns, all natural dyes, and expert leather working, the artisans of Mexico flawlessly create works of art with every bag, tote, and even cell phone case. From glassblowing and candle-making, these craftswomen from some of the oldest cultures in the world, pass along pieces of rich history through their trade, individually handmade and never reproduced.


Genesis works with weaving cooperatives in four regions of Cusco, namely the Sacred Valley, the Patacancha Valley, the Mapacho River Valley, and Ausangate, to showcase the beautiful and iconic woolen products that have marked Andean culture since the beginning of time.