Think for a moment, how would your life change if you didn’t have clean running water? How might you worry for your children? For your aging parents? It’s so easy for many of us to turn on the faucet in our homes and not be riddled with anxiety. Is the water clean? Will it make your family ill? Is there enough to water the plants that produce your food? Although this is a struggle foreign to most of us, for some it is a daily burden.

Despite being an area rich in rainfall and natural water resources, the countries in Latin America face challenging clean water and sanitation obstacles. According to the United Nations Development Program, Latin America’s water distribution issues are rooted not in availability, but in its lopsided income distribution rates. Unfortunately in many of these nations, water is as unequally distributed as financial stability. To make matters worse, the average water bill in Latin American is the highest of all regions in the developing world, making clean water unattainable to the average family.

Access to uncontaminated water is of paramount importance. Not only is it needed to stay healthy, it is necessary for crops and sustainable farming. Before even launching our website, Genesis understood the immediate need for water. People were dying, communities were faltering. We decided to do something about it. Fast. Teaming up with the organization Adventures in Life, we began gifting clean water filtration systems to the Eloxochitlan region of central-eastern Mexico, quenching thirst and promoting health.

With your help, we will extend our reach to more communities and families throughout Latin America. The funds from every item you purchase through Genesis Fair Trade work towards eradicating the clean water crisis.