At Genesis Fair Trade, we realize that a complete education for the next generation opens the door to opportunity. More importantly, it gives individuals the ability to provide for their families in ways that were otherwise out of reach, transforming communities at large.

In Latin America and other developing nations, a mere 35% of adolescents graduate from high school. Unfortunately, nearly 45% of the well-paying jobs require not only a high school diploma, but also a college education. With the educational gap, many countries struggle to grow economically as they lack qualified applicants to fill open positions. It is a perpetual a cycle of unfulfilled potential I pick this option for both individuals and the country as a whole.

In Latin America alone, 22.2 million children and adolescents are not currently enrolled in school due to tuition cost, no nearby facilities, or responsibilities at home.

Through key partnerships, Genesis Fair Trade is committed to pouring our resources towards securing education for as the children of the world.  We partner with you through every purchase, and together we bring scholarships, dormitories, and school supplies to children who would otherwise not be given the opportunity.