At Genesis Fair Trade, we realize that a complete education for the next generation opens the door to opportunity. More importantly, it gives individuals the ability to provide for their families in ways that were otherwise out of reach, transforming communities at large.

In Latin America and other developing nations, a mere 35% of adolescents graduate from high school. Unfortunately, nearly 45% of the well-paying jobs require not only a high school diploma, but also a college education. With the educational gap, many countries struggle to grow economically as they lack qualified applicants to fill open positions. It is a perpetual a cycle of unfulfilled potential I pick this option for both individuals and the country as a whole.

In Latin America alone, 22.2 million children and adolescents are not currently enrolled in school due to tuition cost, no nearby facilities, or responsibilities at home.

Through key partnerships, Genesis Fair Trade is committed to pouring our resources towards securing education for as the children of the world.  We partner with you through every purchase, and together we bring scholarships, dormitories, and school supplies to children who would otherwise not be given the opportunity. Take a look at we’ve already been up to:



Limitless Horizons works tirelessly to bring educational foundations to war-torn Chajul, Guatemala through scholarships, youth development and artisan programs, and the community’s only library. At Genesis, we support Limitless Horizons by providing sponsorships to the following eight young Chajulian scholars: 

Rony Domingo Caba Caba, Rosa Rosmery Anay Caba, Juan Moises Velasquez Martinez, Rosa Maricela Anay Caba, Jacinto Perez Sanchez, Kevin Rodolfo Baltzar Yat Tzoy, Maria Carmen Asicona Asicona, and Petronila Mendoza Caba.

As you support Genesis, you make possible the sponsorship of additional children through Limitless Horizons.


Maya Traditions Foundation assists female artisans and their families by securing fair trade buyers (like Genesis) for their textile-based crafts. Dedicated to these talented women, Maya Traditions works to supply financial scholarships for the artisan’s children. Thanks to Maya Traditions, children are able to attend school, leadership programs, and personal and professional development workshops.

Meet Lorenzo, a member of Maya Traditions’ Youth Education Program, and a leader in his community of Panajachel, Guatemala. Lorenzo is one of many inspirational stories that illustrate how with proper support and hard work, people can change their lives, one step at a time. Genesis Fair Trade is happy to fund Lorenzo’s education.
We are very proud of him.



She watches as her brother and his friends leave for the city where they will attend school.  Like she, they have exhausted the limited educational opportunities available within reach. The ridgeline of the Andes, though beautiful, looms like a villain, blocking her pathway to potential. She hopes that maybe one of the young men will return one day and they will marry. His education can help give her a better life as well. But often they do not return, instead finding work and remaining in the city. She knows she is smart, but there is no school for her nearby and no dormitory for girls in the city.

In the mountain regions of Peru, families are widely dispersed through the Andes. Because of geographical obstacles, many children have a multi-hour journey walking to the nearest school. It is dangerous, grueling, and tragic accidents happen along these unmarked roads. To many Peruvian families, the benefits of education do not outweigh the risks, and the children stay home. However, boys are often given the envied opportunity to move to a larger city in order to finish their education, but girls have not been given the same luxury…until now.

The Sacred Valley Project, based in Ollantaytambo, Peru, funds the construction of dormitories for female students as they finish their secondary schooling. Each additional year of secondary schooling leads to a 15-25% increase in a girl's potential income, providing a clear route to break the cycle of poverty. Genesis Fair Trade has seen what a difference these dormitories make and we are committed to using the sale of our products to provide educational opportunities for young Peruvian women. Won’t you join us as we open the door to education for deserving young women? Partner with us to empower the next generation of Peruvian women.



Mayan Families is a nonprofit organization working to empower impoverished indigenous Guatemalans through sustainable community development programs and emergency aid. Their programs embrace a holistic approach to community development, with a focus on empowerment through education. 

Guatemala has some of the lowest school enrollment and literacy rates in all of Latin America. Unfortunately, this trend is due largely to the exorbitant cost of education, making it impossible for many indigenous families to send their children to school. At Genesis Fair Trade, we know that education has a ripple effect. Sponsoring one child can mean an entire world of difference.

Your support of Genesis Fair Trade products gives one more child in Guatemala the chance to get an education, one more elderly man or woman a hot meal and a safe place to sleep, one more mother the tools she needs to pull her family out of poverty, and one more community the chance to rebuild for a better future.