No child should ever be concerned about where their next meal will come from. No child should be so familiar with the pangs of an empty belly that they do not even know what it’s like to feel full. No mother should have to cradle their child as they pass away from such a repairable problem: hunger.

Worldwide, 34 million children suffer from severe hunger or malnutrition. In Guatemala alone, a country where many of our Genesis Fair Trade artisans live, 24% of the population lives in hunger; while half of Guatemalan children under five are chronically malnourished. Being malnourished doesn’t just mean you’re hungry—it means you have a weakened immune system and an increased chance of illness. Malnutrition means loss in bone density, in cognitive ability, and the opportunity to grow strong and tall.

But we can work together to eradicate hunger. Through supporting these artisans, we are able to supply their families with healthy food and balanced nutrition. Additionally, we are working to educate communities on subsistence farming so they can grow their own food for their families, providing a long-term solution to the problem. Supplying female farmers with the same resources as male farmers, could alone deliver 150 million people from a life of hunger.

Through organizations like Mayan Families in Guatemala, not only are we able to bring food to children, but we are able to provide proper nourishment to the elderly as well. Kids in Critical Need and Elderly Care are two programs Genesis sponsors through Mayan Families in order to ensure that the young and elderly alike have safe living conditions, healthy food, and even medical care.

Together out impact can be so much stronger. We are already fighting hunger, but with your purchases through Genesis Fair Trade, we could ensure entire populations are getting the care and nourishment they not only need, but deserve. We have more than enough; won’t you help those who don’t?