Giving Back: How Your Purchases Enable Better Lives

What if you could breathe life into an indigenous community just by purchasing expertly crafted, handmade products? Every time you buy from Genesis, you’re not only receiving an environmentally-friendly work of art, you’re also supporting the artisans that created it. All net profits are funneled back into underdeveloped regions of the world through programs designed to directly meet the needs and enhance the life of these talented individuals and their families. Take a look at the ways Genesis is already bringing hope and opportunity to people globally. Through your purchases, we become partners in empowerment. Together, we make a difference.


In developing countries, many villages exist without safe, drinkable water. Worldwide, 1.2 billion people live without a clean water supply, with 77 million of these individuals residing in Latin America alone. With donated water filtration systems from Genesis Fair Trade, communities finally have pure water to stay alive, healthy, and thriving.





Imagine having to walk seven hours to the nearest school. Imagine not having access to educational opportunities that could transform your life and supply the tools needed to overcome the cycle of poverty. For many in developing nations, this is a reality they don’t have to imagine. At Genesis Fair Trade, it is our honor to fund youth education so that the next generation has a strong foundation for pursuing life to the fullest.



Too many people on our planet live without adequate nutrition, so we decided to do something about it. Life-giving food—and clean water to grow crops—gives crucial fuel to the communities where our artisans live.