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The Jolom Mayaetik is a group of over 250 Maya women who work together making beautifully varied weaved creations, with designs and techniques from all over Chiapas. “Jolom Mayelik” means “Maya Weavers” in the traditional Tzotzil language spoken in all the 11 villages where the weavers come from.

The Jolom Mayaetik have realized that in order to enter and be able to compete in the international fair trade market, they have to create new vibrant designs and pieces, and so they have being able to incorporate their traditional designs and techniques in new original pieces that have wildly opened the market to them.

The Maya weavers have developed a highly functional venture in which they all participate with particular skills and keep on developing themselves professionally with courses and with challenging new projects, such as the writing of their traditions and political and social participation to defend their way of life.

In the Jolom Mayaetik venture, the women weave with traditional maya techniques such as the waist loom and fine embroidery, using 100% wool yarn locally sourced and natural organic dyes.

“Wixárikas” means seer or diviner, these are one of the biggest indigenous groups of Mexico, their origins go way back before the Spanish conquest and their territories have being the same ones for hundreds of generations.

When one sees the the Wixárikas jewelry for the first time he cannot stop wondering where do the shapes and bright colors come from, this is actually the result of and ancient tradition they have, the divination through the consumption of the hallucinogenic plant of p eyote is the most sacred ritual ever to be conducted by these people, and it allows them to search their psyches for incredible forms and visions which then they express in the form of the most colorful and dynamic art there is.

All the Wixárikas art is made with colorful beads that are weaved together to make jewelry or pasted to incredible wooden carved animals. The patterns created are the ultimate representation of their world, their life and their relationship the the earth and the sacred elements.

All of the Wixárikas artistic jewelry is worn by men and women alike, since it is a way of displaying their beliefs and experiences. The work put into creating this intricate pieces sometimes is unbelievable, but the results are certainly worth it.

About Mexico

Mexico’s history is a crossroad between the cultures of Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Modern Mexican art is utilitarian at the core, but detailed in beautiful patterns and colors that are rooted in folk art traditions from the indigenous and Spanish eras. We showcase beautiful, hand-crated products for everyday use like shoulder bags and cell phone cases.


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