FLOR -  Keychain

FLOR - Keychain

$ 5.00

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There's something sacred about handmade jewelry. Haitian artisans crafted these keychains from discarded metal oil drums. Only craftsman with vision could transform steel into small wonders of art.

As fair trade partners, we know it's more than a place to hang your keys. It's recycling done right. Here's to the men and women of Haiti who use their hammer, chisel, and imagination to prove that some things are better the second time around. If you're anything like us, you love that no two handmade items are exactly alike. And, better still, that your purchase directly supports these gifted Haitian artisans along with Freedom House children's home - an orphanage for "restaveks," former child slaves.

Dimensions: Approximately 1 1/4" round with a 1/2" key ring.

About Fair Trade

Fair Trade is more than just equitable wages. Fair Trade is about equality, sourcing transparency, and respect for talent. We empower artisans to create one of a kind products in safe working conditions with sustainable pay. What this means is no workplace exploitation for the sole purpose of profit.

Genesis Fair Trade is proud to adhere by Fair Trade principals and promote empowerment of people around the world.