Handwoven Alpaca Scarf

Handwoven Alpaca Scarf

$ 25.00

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Add a dash of bohemian elegance to any outfit with the Sacred Valley scarf. Each scarf truly showcases the natural shades and soft alpaca wool traditionally used in Quechuan garments. Gorgeous Incan designs combined with natural colors and patterns make this scarf eye-catching and unique.

Handmade in Peru. 

72″ long 7″ wide

About Peru

Peru was the heart of the Inca empire but it’s culture goes way beyond that. Deeply rooted in Peruvian culture are it’s Indian roots shaped by Latin and European influence. Modern day Peruvian art is bold, thoughtful, and heavily influenced by history. Our Peruvian products are sourced from various areas of the country and contain bold color ways with Incan patterns.


About Fair Trade

Fair Trade is more than just equitable wages. Fair Trade is about equality, sourcing transparency, and respect for talent. We empower artisans to create one of a kind products in safe working conditions with sustainable pay. What this means is no workplace exploitation for the sole purpose of profit.

Genesis Fair Trade is proud to adhere by Fair Trade principals and promote empowerment of people around the world.